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There is a new series on the BBC called Back in Time for the Factory - where a group of modern women are going back in time to learn what life was like in a clothing factory in the 60s, 70s and 80s. This has reminded me of scenes from Mike Baldwin's knicker factory in the Coronation Street of my childhood. Scenes of Ivy, Rita, Vera and Co. putting the world to rights whilst whipping up a frenzy of pink nylon frillies!

My latest class is a world away from the harsh environment of the knicker factory. It's a lovely relaxed class, tailored to your skill level (no previous sewing experience is required for the beginner panties) and with a little glass of something fizzy to help you along the way. All materials are provided and I think that choosing the fabrics, lace and bows is all part of the fun.

Classes are available for booking on 9th October and 15th November (both at 7.00-9.30pm) in the Online Booking section of the website. I recently ran a Sunday morning knicker workshop for a hen party and provided a tasty brunch and some bucks fizz. The ladies thoroughly enjoyed themselves! Please do get in touch if you would like a workshop tailored to your needs. I am always happy to run classes.

Some knicker facts:

Why do we say 'a pair of knickers'? Well, until the mid 19th Century, knickers were two separate legs, joined together at the waist with a tie. In the winter, it was common for women to wear woollen knickers to keep warm (can you imagine?!). The word lingerie comes from the French word for linen which is what most undergarments were made from although knickers as we know them only really came into popularity in the mid 20th century.

Happy Sewing,

Jo xx

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