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My Inner Barbie

Barbiecore (n) the fashion trend inspired by the iconic Mattel doll. The Barbie Movie is out on 21st July and I already have my tickets. I'm here for all things Barbie at the moment - a throwback to easier days making clothes for my dolls (I was a Sindy girl back in the day) and furnishing my Sindy House with lots of sticky backed plastic covered matchboxes. How I loved that imaginary world!

One of the things I love about these dolls - they have an outfit for every occasion. Not just an outfit but THE RIGHT OUTFIT!

If you have the right outfit everything will be okay. I think that has really influenced by approach to life. If I have the right clothes and accessories for the occasion, then I feel more confident and ready to deal with anything life throws my way. Sounds superficial, eh? But deep down, I think we all want to feel we belong. Think of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde (there's even a Barbie outfit for this costume) . I think Elle (or the costume designer!) was influenced by another lady who knew that wearing the right outfit was important - Jackie Kennedy.

Pink is such a joyful colour and there is a shade to suit everyone. Pop on a pink outfit and everyone smiles. The 2023 Barbiecore trend is open to all - just look at how Harry Styles rocks a pink suit and so does Michelle Obama! Lizzo goes big and bold and I'm more than a little excited to see how Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie will style their matching outfits in the film.

So grab some pink fabric and go for it - I promise life will feel amazing through rose coloured glasses!

Happy Sewing,

Jo xx


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