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Vintage Style

Grease was probably the defining film of my childhood - and those twirly skirts in the dance-off! Who wouldn't want to be spun round the dance floor with such extravagance of fabric making you feel like a princess?

I quite enjoy dipping my toe into the vintage waters - and even though I am a grown woman, it's still fun to play dressing up. A circle skirt is the perfect pattern to have some fun with fabric and you can create a fun 50s vibe or go for something a bit more evening in a plain colour with some embellishment.

Vintage events such as the Goodwood Revival or Twinwood are becoming more popular and this is the perfect excuse to try out a full circle skirt. Or you might be one of the growing number of people who go to Lindyhop or jive classes. Whatever the reason - you need a circle skirt in your life!

This is a new class for 2018 and you will learn how to make your own pattern, how to insert a zip and an alternative hemming technique using bias tape. If the dates I have offered are not suitable or you would like to have a 1:1 lesson (suitable for up to 2 people so you can share the cost) then please email or message me.

Available dates: Saturday 20th January 1pm-4pm or Tuesday 6th February 10am-1pm £30 per person. You will need to bring your own fabric (I will provide advice on this) and a zip.

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