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I've got lots of ideas buzzing around my head and about 6 or 7 sewing projects on the go at the moment. I'm finding it hard to focus on one thing and to actually get anything done! Everywhere I look there are design inspirations and things I want to make - but I'm increasingly conflicted by my desire to live a sustainable life and not consume too much. I don't consume fast fashion but am I buying too much fabric?

I am very quick to dwell on my doubts and demons, but I think I need to take a step back from this internal conversation and think about the positive things I have achieved over the last 2 years. I have grown a business out of a personal passion. I am now teaching people to sew; this is good for my mental health and I hope theirs. There is something quite wonderful that happens when a group of people sit around a table and create something out of fabric (and their imagination). I just love it! This is what I want to do more of - creating a buzzing sewing community in Chelmsford. What would you like to see from SewJoBaker? Do please let me know, I really do appreciate your feedback.

You will see from my website and facebook page, that I recently had a professional photo shoot to help update my business media. I was 'gently pushed' into doing this and was extremely nervous about it. It probably wouldn't have been my choice...but I am SO GLAD that I did it. My original thinking was that homespun pics might not look great - but that's because I am taking them. I reasoned that if I looked awful in professional pictures there was no excuse. I don't know what I was so worried about. Sophie Skipper breezed into my sewing studio like a ray of sunshine and put me at my ease almost instantly. We spent an hour chatting and laughing while she snapped away and the time just flew by. When my 'sneak preview' pics arrived less than a week later I was over the moon. I cannot tell you what a boost to my confidence they have been. I am super excited to see the rest (due to arrive any day now) and am so grateful for all the lovely, kind comments people have made about them. I cannot recommend Sophie Skipper Photography highly enough (I am not being paid or rewarded in any way for this recommendation and it is my own, based on my experience).

Some dates:

It is getting close to my first ever Sewing Retreat - Saturday 13th July! I am super excited for this day and hope that everyone who comes along will have a delicious time. There are still a few places available and the cost for the day is £70 which includes brunch, afternoon tea and a sewing goodie bag. Contact me for more details or to book.

My popular Guided Shopping Trip is back on Friday 26th July. This will be the 4th time I have run this event and everyone who has been so far has enjoyed and found it really helpful. We meet at Chelmsford station just after 9am and travel into London together (on the first off-peak service). This time we will be visiting 2 of my favourite fabric haunts - Cresent Trading in Spitalfields and Goldhawk Road (see a previous blog for more info about this amazing fabric street). There is no charge for this event, but you will need to buy your own train ticket and lunch. Do let me know if you are keen to join.

I'm now going to focus on sewing one thing (maybe!)

Happy Sewing,

Jo xx

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