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What is a sewing lesson like?

Whilst many of my students enjoy group lessons, some people prefer to learn in a one to one lesson. If you've thought about booking a sewing lesson, but are not sure what to expect then read on.

My aim is to help you, step by step, to achieve your goals, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or have previous sewing experience. I'm passionate about sewing and want to share this joy and my knowledge.

For a group lesson, I will plan the structure of the session and we will all work through the project at broadly the same pace. For a private lesson we will chat about what you want to achieve and the time will be tailored to your skills and level of expertise. You can chose to book a one-off lesson or plan a number of sessions to work through a particular project. WARNING - sewing can become addictive! Here's a recent quote from one of my students;

"I am so excited about all the of things I've learned with you that I can't stop buying patterns and fabric, and then I come for a lesson and see even more things I want to make!"

You may want to learn

  • how to use a sewing machine

  • hand sewing techniques

  • embroidery

  • how to read and use a sewing pattern

  • how to sew clothes that fit you well

  • how to make a particular garment

  • how to master a new skill (example zip insertion)

If you find you’re progressing more quickly than you expected, I will be happy to up the pace! But I am equally happy to take things nice and slowly if that's what you prefer - I just love teaching this skill.

Some examples of recent one to one classes I have taught:

How to do a full bust adjustment and get a simple shift dress to fit perfectly (I've met many a frustrated home sewer who just can’t get a garment to fit quite right! This is a great opportunity to amend patterns and hone your skills. You’ll soon build the confidence and skills you need to sew clothes which fit your shape and size perfectly)

Getting over a hurdle – It’s easy to get stuck on a sewing project. You might even be tempted to bin it (or pop into a 'pile of shame' - we all have them!) A student brought along a gorgeous corduroy mini skirt this week that was almost finished - but she had struggled with the zip. I showed her a good technique to use and the skirt looks fabulous.

How to use a sewing machine. With Christmas coming up - you might have a sewing machine on your wish list, or you might be thinking about buying one for someone else. There is nothing worse than a beautiful machine sitting in the corner, not being used because you don't know where to start. I can provide a introductory session to get you moving forward. Bring along your machine and the manual and we will work through all the basics (and some of the not-so basics if we have time).

A one-to-one lesson costs £20 per hour and the minimum is 2 hours (time does fly when you're having fun!). If you want to share your time with a friend, the price goes up to £25 per hour (but this works out at £12.50 each - so if you're working on similar projects, that's quite a good idea)

Don't forget I now offer Gift Vouchers - so the recipient can chose what they learn and when. I am happy to provide any amount from £20 upwards - but most people seem to buy £40 in order to provide a lesson. Do please email me on to find out more or place an order for a gift voucher.

Happy Sewing,

Jo xx

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