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To Mask or Not To Mask?

Hello lovely creatives, I hope you're all doing well in the strangest of times.

I've been in a weird place with my sewing - some days full of motivation, starting lots of new projects and being super productive and other days just picking things up and putting them down again. I try to tell myself 'that's okay, be kind to yourself'.

There have been a lot of posts on social media about making scrubs and masks and I initially avoided these as they made me feel quite anxious. I wanted to keep my sewing in 'sunny unicorn land'. But I see more and more people wearing masks to do their weekly shop - so I decided to make some for myself and the family. It's quite a quick make, doesn't need a lot of supplies and has made me feel good about looking after my nearest and dearest.

I don't know whether they work or not. I've read a bit about the science for and against and still can't make up my mind (but this may be another symptom of 'lockdown' as it takes me ages to decide upon anything these days!) but I thought I'd share what I've made with you and you can decide whether you'd like to have a go at making a mask

or not.

Over the last 4 weeks, I've been doing a little Zoom session every Thursday at 10.30am. We've made felt Easter eggs, seaside bunting, Sashiko coasters and last week a sewing machine mat. It's been so good to connect with whoever wants to join in. You don't even need to make the project - you can just join for the chat (and it's the morning after the Sewing Bee on BBC1 so we are obvs going to chat about that!). There is no charge for the session and if you need supplies (although most of the projects can be made with what you already have), I have been selling little kits with everything you need.

So I would like to invite you to join me this week (if sewing masks is your thing) or maybe next week when we'll be making a simple shirred top or dress (suitable for adults or children and perfect for this lovely sunny weather). Just drop me an email if you would like to join in.

Happy Sewing,

Jo xx

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