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Don't Zoom In

A few weeks ago I went for brunch with a very lovely friend of over 25 years. We had such a fab catch up and lots of laughs; it was a great morning and I felt really happy. We'd asked the waiter to take a pic of us (I'm conscious of capturing good times for my memories) and when I looked at the pics later on, my face fell. I zoomed in to each of the 3 snaps he took and saw myself looking 'old, fat, lank hair etc etc' and my friend looking just gorgeous and having fun. What would other people have seen in this picture? Probably just two ladies having a tasty brunch and some giggles. In this age of phone cameras, unlimited pictures and the ability to zoom in - are we becoming hyper critical of every detail? I am sure I'm not alone in this...? I felt good at the time - and isn't that the most important thing? How we FEEL rather than how we look?

This made me think about how I photograph the things I make; after taking quite a few pics, I narrow down to what I think are the most flattering pictures. I've usually made an effort with my hair and make up and can delete the images where my eyes are dopey or my upper arms are looking especially plump. But this isn't very 'REAL' is it?

I don't know what the answer is? Do I find different ways of showing my makes (on the hanger, in a flat lay)? Do I take less pictures and go with how I feel rather than how I look? I have a maxi length tired, frilly dress and I can't seem to get (what I see as) a good picture in it - but everytime I wear it, at least one person asks me where I bought it ('made it myself', blushes). Is there a lesson in there for me?!

What do you feel good wearing? I'd love to know how you see photos of yourself and do you resist the urge to ZOOM IN? In the interests if 'keeping it real' here are some dodgy pics that never made it anywhere (the REALLY awful ones have already been deleted, lols!) ENJOY!

Happy Sewing,

Jo xx


sewing at machine face.jpg


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