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Dungaree Love

There's no doubt about it, dungarees are having a 'moment' and as far as I'm concerned, long may it last! They are comfy, groovy and have plenty of room for eating and napping (current lockdown necessities!)

Patterns I like (Instagram hashtags are shown to help you search for inspiration)

  • Heyday Dungarees from Made by Jack's Mum (my fave) #heydaydungarees

  • Jenny Overalls from Closet Core Patterns (a more detailed and fitted make with lots of topstitching and hard ware options) #jennyoveralls

  • Yanta Overalls from Helen's Closet (I haven't made these, but love the styling on their website and lots of great pairs on Instagram) #yantaoveralls

  • Burnside Bides from SewHouse Seven (I haven't made these yet - but they look great in linen) #burnsidebibs

I would also like to say how wonderful Instagram is for inspiration from fellow sewists all around the world. I am constantly overwhelmed by the amazing creativity out there. I love to see what you make.

I made a pair of Jenny Overalls (shorts version a year or so ago and wore them mainly in the garden, although I've also worn them with tights and DMs). They're fitted and made of a denim with a little bit of stretch. I feel good and comfy in them. However the real dungaree discovery for me has been the Heyday Dungarees Pattern (with a very similar look to Lucy and Yak Dungarees, beloved of the Brighton Hipster) from Made by Jacks Mum. Check out her Fell and Dale Flat Cap pattern too.

This pattern has it all; pockets, straps that don't need to be undone to visit the loo(!) - and no fiddly closures to sew. I've made 2 pairs so far, one for me in a brown mini cord and a pair for my daughter, Annabel (requested no less - and that never happens) in a beautiful lilac rose mini cord. Even Luna has a pair! In my plans....I want to make a denim pair, a linen pair, a shorts pair, a pair with a statement patterned fabric and a pair for my 18 year old son who thinks they will look cool for Uni (whenever he gets to go back). I will need to adjust the pattern for him as he's taller and longer in the body than the pattern is designed for.

Not sure how to style them - check out the blog by this lovely lady (well worth a follow for style tips generally and a great writing style)

Would like to join me for a course learning to make the Heyday Dungarees? We start on Thursday 18th March 10.30-11.30am, the class runs for 3 weeks and costs £37.50. The price includes 3 live hour long lessons in a group, support and chat with your fellow students via a closed Facebook group and a recording of the classes for you to save and watch at your leisure. You will need to buy your own copy of the pattern and your fabric / matching thread (I am very happy to help you with this).

This class is available for booking on my website or by emailing me directly at

Happy Sewing!

Jo xx

PS Still not sure about dungarees? I'll just leave this pic of Brad here... You're welcome!


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