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The Next Generation

Big shoutout to Mrs Outen; A mum from my junior school who used to come into our class once a week to help with crafts. We're talking back in the early 1980's here! Mrs Outen taught me to make my first proper garment (a shirred babydoll PJ set in a ditsy floral cotton with cream lace, if you are interested) and she changed my life. I can still remember her kind face and the scent of her hand cream (isn't memory a funny thing?)

Sewing didn't really happen at home; my mum didn't sew and any sewing required (name tapes, dancing costumes etc.) was seen as a stress rather than a pleasure. But I just loved fabrics and creating things and disappeared into my own little world when I was sewing.

Fast forward 40 years and I'm now teaching the next generation to sew. What a privilege!

My first After School sewing class started in January 2018 and one of the girls from this group has gone on to thrive at Fashion College in London. Another has ambitions to become a Saville Row tailor. But whether it's with a career in mind or as a hobby, being able to inspire a lifelong passion brings me so much happiness. Sewing is such a mindful activity and having a creative outlet is so good for mental wellbeing.

Do you know a budding sewist?

I have 2 spaces on my beginners after school class on Mondays (5-6.30pm term time) and 1 space on the more advanced group on a Tuesday (4.15-5.45pm). Lessons are £15 per week (payable half termly).

Spaces don't often come up - so do get in touch if you know someone who'd like to join in. Classes are suitable for 9-16 year olds.

It's never too late to learn...

I teach all ages and abilities and if you didn't learn as a child, it's not too late! My oldest student is 83 and loving her new hobby!

Happy Sewing,

Jo xx


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