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The Night Manager Dressing Gown

Spring 2016 and I was hooked on the BBC adaptation of The Night Manager, by John Le Carre. I was in awe of the fluid silk wardrobe of the female love interest (played beautifully by Elizabeth Debicki), I was enjoying The 'HiddleBum' and I was a little bit in love with the rogue played by Hugh Laurie. Mixed in with an amazing story (John Le Carre forever!) and it was 'must see tv'.

Aside from the beautiful silk dresses that Elizabeth wore, one other outfit piqued my interest...and love it or hate it, you probably won't forget it! The dressing gown worn by Richard Roper (Hugh Laurie's Mr Nasty). A few google clicks later and I discovered said dressing gown on the New and Lingwood website for the princely sum of £1,250.00!! Clearly this was not going to go on hubbie's Christmas list! Oh to be a member of the BBC wardrobe department, ha ha.

I wondered about making a version using Liberty Tana Lawn for a luxury feel without the price tag of the New and Lingwood version (or indeed the Liberty version which cost £145.00). I chose a Vogue Pattern (V8964) and made view A. The pattern is for a fully lined dressing gown - but I hand stitched the neck facing to the main fabric to make it unlined and used French seams throughout for neatness and durability. It used most of a 3m length of Liberty fabric that I had already and hubbie is very pleased indeed.

This would make a super pressie for the man or woman in your life (I'm just about to cut out V8888 version A for myself) so if you would like to join me for a day of making a dressing gown using either of these patterns - please do let me know. I will be putting a class up very soon, in plenty of time for a Christmas make.

Happy Sewing,

Jo xx

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