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Successful shopping and plans to make

I was very early to bed last night after a busy day fabric shopping in London - but what a fabulous day! I woke with excitement at all of my planned makes and thought I would share with you what I found yesterday and what I plan to do with it all.

It was a very cold, wet and windy day - but that didn't dampen our spirits as we first stopped off at the new-ish Sew Over It shop in Islingston. It was lovely to visit the scene of so many of Lisa Comfort's wonderful vlogs. I had visited the Clapham store before it closed and have also previously met Lisa - and she is every bit as lovely in person. The Islington store (319, Essex Road) is huge and filled with lots of lovely dressmaking fabrics plus all of the beautifully styled Sew Over It patterns. A real bonus to visiting the store is that you get to see the samples that Lisa and the team have made up and see all of the lovely pattern details. Also got to see the new wildflower crepe range and my shopping partner in crime bought some of this stunning fabric and the Pussy Bow Blouse pattern.

Next stop was Raystitch a little bit further down the road (66, Essex Road). This shop is like delving into my mind - I absolutely loved it. They have a fantastic selection of indie and big 4 patterns - and lots of samples made up in the most stylish fabrics. I treated myself to a couple of patterns that have been on my wish list for a while.

My main reason for visiting was to check out the quality of the bamboo jersey as I have some lovely yoga clothes (shop bought) made in bamboo jersey - but haven't been able to find it in fabric form before. I wasn't disappointed - this fabric is amazing and so soft and silky but strong (I realise I am in danger of sounding like a loo roll commercial here!). After lots of holding fabric colours up to my face to decide which suited me best I chose 3 colours and have already seen some tops on the Sweaty Betty website that I'd like to try and make versions of.

Final stop on the tour was Goldhawk Road. I had some specific purchases planned here. I'd already bought some fantastic tweedy wool to make a waistcoat for my hipster hubster (don't tell him I call him that!) and was looking out for some lining fabric to go with it. The wool has a lovely heather / lilac colour running through it, so I was looking to highlight this with the lining fabric. I found a perfect match in Classic Textiles and it was only £3 per metre. My planned pattern is the Mr London Waistcoat

from SewLaDiDa Vintage Patterns (see pic).

I also had in mind to get either some silk or a soft tana lawn for my forthcoming class 'The Buchanan Robe' on Saturday 16th Feb. I found a perfect bold print - which I think will make me feel like a 1920's filmstar when I'm wafting around in it (note that I said 'feel' and not look! I am well aware of the difference between what's in my head and reality, ha ha). Am going to add a black trim for a really striking look. Also got this from Classic Textiles.

Image of the completed robe is taken from the Gather Patterns website. I can't wait to see it made up in my choice of fabrics.

I think you'll agree this was a very successful day's shopping and will be keeping me busy for the next few weeks!

Happy Sewing

Jo xx

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