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A Capsule Wardrobe - The Rome Collection

**New Class**

Last year, one of my favourite designers developed a collection of 3 patterns - collectively known as the Rome Collection. I thought this was a great idea and just LOVED the video that they put together to showcase the 3 patterns; all made up in different variations and in wonderful fabrics - I've included a link below (well worth a watch!)

The Pietra Pants, Fiore Skirt and Cielo Top / Dress have been on my mind ever since and following a recent fabric delivery I was inspired to give them a go. They are all great patterns for beginners, but with some beautiful design details to appeal to all levels of sewist. I share with you below my 'mood board' when I was deciding which fabrics and which pattern options to initially go for. I find it really helps me to style an outfit if I have an inspiration pic to help me.

I've made a start with the trousers using a divine caramel coloured linen and rayon mix. I am very excited about wearing these and think they are going to be a real wardrobe staple (and great for travelling in too - whatever that is!). I share a couple of pics below. The rust fabric on top is going to be a Cielo Top with statement sleeves.

I have also cut out the wrap skirt version of the Fiore in a stunning black, yellow and white linen - with a modern floral design. This fabric has been in my cupboard for ages - so feels good to use it for something I'm going to wear a lot.

I had enough leftover to cut a matching tote bag - win win! I'm going to cut the Cielo top out today - the one with the statement sleeves! And if I have enough fabric left over, I might try and cut the more basic style out as well.

I will share a little 'look book' with you once everything is sewn up.

Would you like to make the Rome Collection? I can highly recommend these beautifully drafted patterns. The patterns retail at £18 each.

**Special offer**

Buy 2 of the 3 patterns for £32 (an 11% saving worth £4)

Buy all 3 for £46 (a 15% saving worth £11)

Would you like to be part of a supportive group sewing the Rome Collection with advice and guidance from me? Check out the new courses on my Online Booking Page (with the patterns included in the course price)

My last sewing group sold out quickly and I limit numbers to ensure that everyone gets the attention they need.

Happy Sewing!

Jo xx

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