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Early Spring Makes

How did I do with my plans? Not too bad at all.

Mustard trousers are going to be fab in the sunny weather - although I think I need to spend a bit of time working out what I'm going to wear them with and suspect it's going to be mainly black and white.

I've included my original inspo pic for reference. I used the Closet Core Pietra Pants pattern and a beautifully drapey viscose linen from Guthrie and Ghani. I hemmed them for flat shoes - but think I can just about get away with this flatform black sandal.

My shirt for Rick was a big hit - in fact as soon as it's out of the wash, he's wearing it again. I'm chuffed to bits and think he looks better than the original (maybe a bit biased here!) Original pic for comparison and a shot of us out on the town to show it in action! Yes - we were back home by 9pm, hee hee.

The linen waistcoat I planned is almost finished - just a bit of hand sewing left to do. So no pics yet - will post one when I can. I went for the Miller waistcoat pattern from Merchant and Mills - but I'm not sure about a dartless fit on me. Keen to hear what you think once it's all done. The welt pockets are very cute.

A bonus make (on account of not getting very far with the cream linen jacket!) is this water resistant jacket. It's the Landgate pattern from Merchant and Mills and I LOVE IT! We had a little visit to Rye a few weeks ago and of course I had to pop into the M&M shop. Rick is of the belief that I plan all of our holidays around fabric shops (no comment) They have their patterns made up into samples in various sizes for you to try on in the shop and I wanted to see what the jacket looked like on me. I really liked the style and made it up in a deadstock water resist fabric from Croft Mill, lining the hood with a remnant from M&M (this isn't part of the pattern but isn't too tricky to do). After a burst of sunshine over Easter weekend, I think we're back to rain again, so I'm sure this will get lots of wear.

Happy Sewing!

Jo xx


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