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I had a lovely trip to the cinema yesterday. We went to see Mrs Harris Goes to Paris - and what a joy! A Cinderella story with twists and turns along the way and a celebration of 1950s fashion (at both ends of the scale). There's even a little tour of the sewing workrooms at Dior - squeal!! At the end of the film - Rick and I turned to each other and just beamed. A truly lovely film.

I've copied a link (below) to a great interview with the costume designer, Jenny Bevan - in case you'd like to find out more.

I can't offer lessons in Haute Couture - but if you'd like to come and join me for a sewing lesson over the next few months, I have some options for you;

For those of you who can't commit to a regular course of lessons, I have a few single dates for 'Bring Your Own Project' lessons. Bring your project(s) along and I will help - especially good for those projects where you are stuck (or don't even know where to start)

Friday 14th October 10am-1pm £30

Friday 4th November 10am-1pm £30

Friday 18th November 10am-1pm £30

If you are getting in the festive spirit (too early??!) then I have a fabulous 2 session workshop on 1st and 8th December to make a luxury Christmas Stocking and a beautiful felt flower wreath. I have gone for a kitsch Christmas theme this year - but more traditional colours will also be available.

Hope to see you soon,

Happy Sewing,

Jo xx


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