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My Make List

This is a bit of a misleading title - mainly because my make list is an ever changing creation. However, at this point in time (this very second only!) I am sharing with you my top 3 current plans for the Spring.

I'm a bit obsessed with mustard at the moment. Not the edible sort (although I love that too especially in the form of piccalilli) but the fabric colour. A few images from my Pinterest board highlight the need for a pair of wide legged mustard trews. I am worried that they may not suit me (I'm only 5'2") but I can always slim them down if not (or turn into shorts) and nothing ventured....

I'm going to use some flowing viscose linen and the Closet Core Pietra Pants pattern. Keep your eyes peeled on my social media to see if they work out.

Next on my list is a longer term project. Do you remember those beautiful embroidered jackets that Monsoon sold, back in the day? Each one a work of art. Well, I do - and I've been in love ever since. I have some ivory coloured ramie and I'm going to make my own version. Probably in shades of blue and white (maybe with a little bit of Liberty Lawn in the lining) and here are my inspiration pics. I am going to use the Deer and Doe Nenuphur pattern and will probably make up the jacket and then embroider as I go. I know that I will want to wear the jacket as soon as it's finished - the embroidery will happen whenever.

Finally, I've a hankering for a cream linen waistcoat and trouser combo. In my head my arms are lean and tanned (in reality they are flabby and the colour of corned beef, but I like living in a dream), my legs are impossibly long (again see above comment on dreams) and the linen is always freshly ironed. I can't decide whether to make the trousers with a fixed waistband or drawstring but have decided on the Merchant and Mills Miller Waistcoat pattern. This is the least likely of my dreams to come to fruition because I'm always spilling things on myself and well, cream linen?? I have a beautiful butter soft linen that I bought on holiday in Palma which would be perfect, but I might be too chicken to cut into it. Here is my mood board anyway...

Ooh and a bonus make for Rick. We watched a lovely series on TV with Richard E Grant talking about travel inspiring books (Write Around the World) and he had the most amazing collection of blue and white shirts (I think they were from Aspiga if you're not into sewing your own) and when I found some fab cotton poplin in the Liberty Sale I knew straight away what it was going to be.

Have you got any sewing plans for the year ahead? If you want to kick start a project, sign up for my Spring sewing retreat on 29th April only a few places left. Or come along to one of my Bring Your Own Project Classes. It might be just the nudge you need.

Happy Sewing,

Jo xx


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