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Strike a Pose

My in house photographer (otherwise known as my son - 'the dungaree hero') has gone back to Uni - so I am back to very dodgy selfies or the hubster, who doesn't appear to be able to take a photo of me without at least one eye closed or a very wobbly chin (mine not his). I have to take pics of the things I make in order to promote my business, so this means I often end up with around 30 pics to go though before I find a half decent one. It's a trauma! I want the clothes I've made to look the best they can and I don't want to look too much like a plonker either.

I've done some 'research' (AKA watching the beautiful, young things on YouTube explain how to get good pics) and thought I would share some of the things I learned - after all, we're all trying to take pics of our makes or just take photos that make us feel good about ourselves to share with friends and family. I am by no means an expert and may continue to make the Chandler Bing photograph face (Friends fans will know instantly what I mean here).

Finding 1:

Stick a leg out and turn slightly to the side

This makes me think of Angelina Jolie at the Oscars (which makes me giggle, which is also good for posing)

I think this is supposed to create an optical illusion and make you look taller and slimmer - I'm all for that. And also, Angelina, no-one is looking at have Brad on your arm ha ha.

Finding 2

Give your face something to do

Laugh like someone has just told you a very funny joke (trust me, it looks better than it feels), look thoughtfully into the middle distance, check out some dirt on the floor - all great alternatives to looking directly into the camera. I've also been told that you should put your chin out and then slightly down to help with double chin which is something I HATE on my pics. This is a pic from our holidays a few years ago, Rick had just said something really funny, I was a bit tipsy and I think this pic captures the moment perfectly.

Finding 3

Throw your hands in the air like you just don't care

Move around a bit, run your fingers through your hair, walk towards your photographer (if they can't cope with this then try rocking back and forth on the spot) most movements help to make the pose look more natural. Hands on your hips will give you a more defined waistline, or you could try walking away and looking back over your shoulder for a smouldering look (although don't turn too much or you'll get a turkey neck - I know from experience ha ha) or go full Blue Steel for a real giggle (see below)

Or I could just take a photo of the dress on a hanger??

Happy Sewing

Jo xx


sewing at machine face.jpg


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