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Do you want to Learn to Sew in 2024?

Buying a sewing machine and new courses for 2024

The question I get asked the most is 'which sewing machine do you recommend?' especially as we approach Christmas.

It's easier to start with some don'ts;

  • Don't rush to buy a machine before you've learnt to use one. You won't yet know what features are important to you and which you won't really use. I provide machines for all of my classes (unless you prefer to bring your own)

  • If you're shopping for a child - don't buy a kid sized machine. They are tricky to use and don't really stitch very well. I would go as far as to say they are a waste of money. I teach as young as 7 year olds on an adult machine and they manage really well.

  • If budget is an issue - look at second hand machines rather than more basic new models. Sewing machines are generally built to last and old machines can still give really good results. Can you borrow a machine from a family member or friend to try it out?

The machines I teach my classes on are Janome 5030 (available to buy in John Lewis and there is a Black Friday deal on at time of writing this) - great all round machine and will grow with you as your skills develop. My personal machine is a Brother and I really love it - but the model I have is a bit of a budget buster (Innovis VQ2). Brother also do some fabulous mid price and basic machines and I have found the quality of both Janome and Brother to be good. These are my personal views, based on my experience. I do not receive sponsorship or discounts from any sewing machine companies or retailers.

Bring Your Own Project Classes

If you have already learned the basics, you might want to come along to a Bring Your Own Project class. They usually run over 4 weeks and the next evening class starts on Wednesday March 6th 2024 (6-8pm). It's now open for booking on my website.

Beginners Sewing Course

My next beginners course starts on 3rd January 2024. It's a 4 week course on Wednesday evenings (6-8pm). No previous knowledge is required and by the end of the course you will have a pair of beautiful pyjama bottoms!

All the details for my classes are here:

Find some calm in creativity

I find that sewing is so good for my mental health - I love losing myself in a project. But whichever form of creativity resonates with you - try to find some time to take a break from your busy life and play.

I hope to meet you in 2024 and if I have already helped you to start sewing, it would be truly lovely to see you again.

Happy Sewing and wishing you all the best for the festive period,

Jo xx


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